George Wardwell


Tom Dean PenniesI consider myself very fortunate to be able to collaborate with some really great musicians, most successfully with Tom Dean, who lives in North Conway, New Hampshire.

A long-time member of Devonsquare, Tom fits (sometimes shoehorns) my lyrics into his music, and the result has been two albums that I am proud of, and that I think he is proud of, too.

We are currently at work on a third album and are battling like the Bickersons over every word and note.

Actually, that's not true. Our work is honed by compromise. For example, if he wants it one way and I want it another, we compromise — and do it his way.




Tom Dean Your Own Backyard"the birds betray the gardens in the fall
when half the world spins indigo and brown.
And answering some ancient lover's call
They steal the sun, and all the sound

If I could find the courage I once knew
I'd drop these chains, and I'd be gone.
But that sounds like the perfect job for you
I'll think about these things all winter long."